Duniya Te Aya Koi Teri Lyrics and Video(Naat| دنیا تے آیا )

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Dunya Te Aya |Naat|Hina Nasrullah | دنیا تے آیا Lyrics and Video

Duniya Te Aya Koi Teri with Lyrics and Video in Urdu got fame with voice of famous Hina Nasrullah. Dunya Te Aya- دنیا تے آیاNaat in Urdu can be listened, download, read and share to others. Lyrics of Dunya Te Aya are also available on naatvideos.com and many other naats with lyrics are also available here. In this  Naat Hina Nasrullah tribute to The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) for the forgiveness of their sins and wish reward in shape of blessing. This  Naat is recorded In Studio with soft melodious voice of Hina Nasrullah.

Dunya Te Aya | Hina Nasrullah  | Urdu Lyrics & Video

This Urdu Naat is exclusively available with Duff. This Naat is praised with very Soft Without Zikar.Dunya Te Aya is originally recited by Hina Nasrullah and got fame but now it is available in voice of Hina Nasrullah at R&R by Studio5 18 Decmber 2019.

Dunya Te Aya is Urdu Naat available online with lyrics. A Hamd (Urdu:حمد)are the words Only in praise of The Allah Almighty, Naat is not Hamd because Hamad is the Exclusive praise of The Allah Almighty (Creator of the World) Who is Only One but a Na`at(Urdu: نعت‎) is a poetry that specifically praises the Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). The practice is popular in Pakistan, England, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and other some muslim countries, Properly in Urdu or Punjabi language. folks that recite Naator Hamad are called Naat-Khua’an or Sana’a-Khua’an.

Dunya Te Aya lyrics in Roman/English

Duniya te Aya koi Teri na Misaal da Naat Lyrics

Main lab ke le awan kithon, sohna tere nal da

Makke rehan waleya, Madine aun waleya

Thaddey khawan waleyan noon seene lawan waleya

Tere bina diggiyan noon koi nah sanbhalll da

Mukh teraa noor wande, saarii kaenaat noon

Rabb wee durood bheje, teri pak zaat noon

Har paase charcha, tere husn-o-jamaal daa

Shaan niraali teri, zaat teri aali ey

Bhar de Tu jholi ajj, jedi jedi khaali ey

Mangta Niazi tere thon, sadqa teri aal daa

Teriyan te siftaan da koi wee hisab nai

Toon te kithe terayan ghulaman da jawaab nai

Horaan tey roop wandan Habshi Bilaal daa

Dunya te aaya koi Teri na misaal da

Main lab ke le awan kithon, sohna tere naal da

Dunya Te Aya lyrics in Urdu/Arabic (دنیا تے آیا)

دنیا تے آیا کوئی تیری نہ مثال دا

لَبھ کے لیاواں کِتھوں سوہنا ترے نال دا

سوہنیا درود بھیجے رَب تیری ذات نوں

مُکھ تیرا نُور رونڈے ساری کائنات نوں

شیدا اے زمانہ تیرے حُسن وجمال دا

مکّے رہن والیا مدینے آون والیا

ٹھیڈے کھان والیاں نوں سینے لاون والیا

تیرے بنا ڈوگیاں نوں کوئی نہ سنبھال دا

تیریاں تے صفتاں دا کوئی وی حساب نیئں

توں تے کتھے تیریاں غلاماں دا جواب نیئں

حُوراں تائیں روپ ونڈیں حبشی بلالؓ دا

ہوکا پیادیوے تیرے سچّیاں پیاراں دا

جیوندا اے ظہوری ناں لے کے تیرے یاراں دا

گولا اے تیرا تیرے در تیری آل دا

Hina Nasrullah is a very Famous naat reciter have very peaceful melodious voice touches to the heart of the listeners. Voice of Hina Nasrullah always appreciated by the listeners. He Recite Hamad, Naat ,kalam and manqabat in different languages. You can listen, download and read lyrics in urdu and english online on this best platform of naats.

Naatvideos is a platform have a lot of Hamad , Naat, Urdu Naat , Punjabi Naat , Arabic Naat and Other Languages by Categories of NaatKhawan/Naat Reciter. Famous Kalam , Nasheed and Manqabat are also available in Video Format with Urdu and Roman/English Lyrics. Additional Feature added in Naatvideos is Submit , Where any user/artist can upload his naat or kalam from his computer/mobile.

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