Maa di Shan By naat videos and lyrics Maan Ki Shan ( ماں دی شان )

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Maan di Shan naat video and lyrics ( ماں دی شان ) by naatvideosv

Maan di Shan with Lyrics and Video in Punjabi got  fame with voice of famous Qari Shahid Mehmood. Maan di Shan-ماں دی شان Kalam in Punjabi can be listened, download, read and share to others. Lyrics of Maan di Shan are also available on and many other naats with lyrics are also available here. In this Kalam Qari Shahid Mehmood tribute to The Mother for the forgiveness of their sins and wish reward in shape of blessing. This Kalam is recorded Recorded live with soft melodious voice of Qari Shahid Mehmood.

Maan di Shan | Qari Shahid Mehmood  | Punjabi Lyrics & Video

This Punjabi Kalam is exclusively describes the اس کلام میں ماں کی عظمت اور ان کی اپنی اولاد تربیت اور پیار کے معاملات پر روشنی ڈالی گئی ہے and available Without Duff. This Kalam is praised with very Soft Without zikar. Maan di Shan is originally recited by Qari Shahid Mehmood and got fame but now it is available in voice of Qari Shahid Mehmood Recorded Label & Releasing by Qari Shahid Mehmood PRODUCTION’S.

Maan di Shan is Punjabi Kalam available online with lyrics. A Hamd (Urdu:حمد) are the words Only in praise of The Allah Almighty, Naat is not Hamd because Hamad is the Exclusive praise of The Allah Almighty (Creator of the World) Who is Only One but a Na`at(Urdu: نعت‎) is a poetry that specifically praises the Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). The practice is popular in Pakistan, England, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and other some muslim countries, Properly in Urdu or Punjabi language. folks that recite Naat or Hamad are called Naat-Khua’an or Sana’a-Khua’an.

Maan di Shan lyrics in Roman/English

Dukh Duniya De Kera Lende Paa, Mawan Jadoon Mar Jandiyaan
Koi kehnda nahiyoon put kerh aa, mawan jadhoon mer jandiyan

Apniyaan mawan waali, thand kon panda aie?
Moun matha chum kay tay, sinay kon landa aie?
Kon mangda aye magroon dua, mavan jadhoon mer jandiyan.

Apnay paraie saray, mukh mor lenday nay
Samj yateem saray, dil tor denday nay
Rehnday dil which dil walay cha, mawan jadhon mer jandiyan
Koi Kehnda nahiyoon put kerh aa, mawan jadhoon mer jandiyan

Put panhway bura howay, maa bura kehndi nahin
Mer kay whi bachayaan da, kadhay dukh sendhi nahin
Kadhi lagan dendhi nahin tatti waa, mawan jadhoon mer jandiyan

Maae ni maae, aayein gi kehri rutay
Kamli walaya karam kamaween,
Maa meri noun jannat pohnchaween… [AMEEN]
Ker kay rehmat utay,
Maae ni maae aayein gi kehri rutay…

Mawan tay teeyan da saath aanokha,
Mawan tay putraan da saath aanokha
Puch lei pawan sarayaan lokan
Maa bina koi na puchay,
Ni maae aayein gi kehri rutay…???

Ma meri nay bagh lagaya,
Perh per mashkaan pani pawaya
Lagay anguraan day guchay
ni maae aayein gi kehri rutay…

Eidaan tay shab raatan aaiyan
Lokan ker ker kushiyaan manayaan
Per teray bina kon puchay?
ni maae aayein gi kehri rutay…

Mawaan walay har welay khushiyaan mana’ounday nay
Mouyee manwan walay roo kay chup ho janday nay
Koi sunda nee jag tay sada, mawan jadhoon mer jandiyan

Jiday utay razi yaaro, Allah di so maa nahin
Udhayaan naseeban which jannatan di chaan nahin
Yaar Sanwala, aie kenhda aie Khuda, mawan jadhoon mer jandiyan

Koi Kehnda nahiyoon put kerh aa, mawan jadhoon mer jandiyan
Dukh Duniya De Kera Lende Paa, Mawan Jadoon Mar Jandiyaan

Maan di Shan lyrics in Urdu/Arabic (ماں دی شان)

دکھ دنیا دے گھیر لیندے ماواں جدوں مر جاندیاں
کوئی کہندا نہیوں پت گھر آ ماواں جدوں مر جاندیاں
اپنیاں ماواں والی ٹھنڈ کون پاندا اے
منہ متھا چم کے تے سینے کون لاندا ہے
کون منگدا مگروں دعا ماواں جدوں مر جاندیاں
اپنے پرائے سارے مکھ موڑ لیندے نے
سمجھ یتیم سارے دل توڑ دیندے نیں
رہنے دل وچ دل والے چا
ماواں جدوں مر جاندیاں
پت پاویں برا ہووے ماں برا کہندی نئیں
مر کے وی بچیاں دا کدی دکھ سہندی نئیں
کدی لگن دیندی نہیں تتی ہوا
ماواں جدوں مر جاندیاں-

Qari Shahid Mehmood is a very Famous naat reciter have very peaceful melodious voice touches to the heart of the listeners. Voice of Qari Shahid Mehmood always appreciated by the listeners. He Recite Hamad, Naat ,kalam and manqabat in different languages. You can listen, download and read lyrics in urdu and english online on this best platform of naats.

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