More khwaja tumhin |Manqabat| مورے خواجہ تم ہی Lyrics and Video

12 months ago

More khwaja tumhin |Manqabat| مورے خواجہ تم ہی Lyrics and Video

More khwaja tumhin with Lyrics and Video in Urdu  got  fame with voice of famous Hashmi Brothers. More khwaja tumhin-مورے خواجہ تم ہی Manqabat in Urdu can be listened, download, read and share to others. Lyrics of More khwaja tumhin are also available on and many other naats with lyrics are also available here. In this Manqabat Hashmi Brothers tribute to the Ahle-Bait for the forgiveness of their sins and wish reward in shape of blessing. This Manqabat is recorded In Studio with soft melodious voice of Hashmi Brothers.

More khwaja tumhin | Hashmi Brothers  | Urdu Lyrics & Video

This Urdu Manqabat is exclusively available with Duff. This Manqabat  is praised with very Soft Without Zikar. More khwaja tumhin is originally recited by Hashmi Brothers and got fame but now it is available in voice of Hashmi Brothers at R&R by Studio5 14 March 2017.

More khwaja tumhin  is  Urdu Manqabat available online with lyrics. A Hamd (Urdu:حمد)  are the words Only in praise of The Allah Almighty, Naat is not Hamd because Hamad is the Exclusive praise of The Allah Almighty (Creator of the World) Who is Only One but a Na`at(Urdu: نعت‎) is a poetry that specifically praises the Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). The practice is popular in Pakistan, England, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and other some muslim countries, Properly in Urdu or Punjabi language. folks that recite Naat or Hamad are called Naat-Khua’an or Sana’a-Khua’an.

More khwaja tumhin lyrics in Roman/English

More khwaja tum hi ko mori laaj

Khwaja ji maharaja ji tum bado ghareeb nawaaj

Apna kar ke raakhiyo tohe baahn pakre ki laaj

Tumre dware aan padi hoon waliyan ke maharaj

More khwaja tum hi toh mori laaj

Aye maharaj suratiya waale

Mori baat banat tora kya jaawat

More augan pe tum nigah na karo

Tum apne kiye ka nibah karo

Main buri hoon bhali hoon tihari hoon

Mere khwaja more pe daya karo

Khwaja usmaan ke dilbar jani

Mori sun lo dard kahani

Tohe dwar pade jug beet gaye

Mori aas na todo ghareeb nawaaj

Tann mann warun lagun payiyan

Chchor na khwaja thaam ke bahiyan

Tumre dware aan padi hun

Waliyan ke maharaj

Ek najariya kar do prem ki sab ke bann jayein kaam

Tum ajmer ke khwaja tumra bada jagat mein naam

Nagar nagar mein charcha tora nagar nagar tora naam

More khwaja tumhin lyrics in Urdu/Arabic

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