Noor Wala Aya Hai (نور والا آیا ہے) by Farhan Qadri

2 years ago
Noor Wala Aya Hai (نور والا آیا ہے) by Farhan Ali Qadri
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Noor Wala Aya Hai (نور والا آیا ہے) is the Urdu naat which made Farhan Ali Qadri a famous naat in his childhood, this naat is also considered as a trendsetter for  Zikar in Naats. Farhan Qadri recited this naat almost ten years ago when he was a young kid.

This Naat became a sensation specially for the kids. Every parent loves to hear their kids reciting this Naat in their innocent voices. A professional recording company has recorded The Video of Urdu Naat Noor Wala Aya Hai (نور والا آیا ہے) with Zikar of Allah Hoo (اللہ ہُو) as background music. Zikar as BG music was not much famous those days. They arranged a procession of young kids with green flags in hand and led by the Naat Khwan Farhan Ali Qadri

Interpretation of Noor Wala Aya Hai (نور والا آیا ہے) by Farhan Ali Qadri

This naat is all about the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He is termed as the Light Bearer i.e. Noor Wala, who has brought the light to enlighten this universe. After every verse the writer repeatedly sends blessing (Darood o Salam) upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The poet is declaring that we’ll be celebrating festival of Prophet’s until these stars and the moon is shining. We’ll continue to recite and listen Prophet’s naats and also continue chanting the slogan “Ya Rasool Allah یا رسولؐ اللہ”. We continue to light up the whole surrounding and our homes for this festival, these light will brighten our dark graves as in return.


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