Sachi Baat Sikhaty Ye Hain Naat Video & Lyrics (سچی بات) Naatvideos

12 months ago

Sachi Baat Sikhaty Ye Hain Naat Video & Lyrics (سچی بات سکھاتے یہ ہیں) Naatvideos

Sachi Baat Sikhate Ye Hain with Lyrics and Video in Urdu got fame with voice of famous Syed Faseehudin Sohrwardi. Sachi Baat Sikhate Ye Hain-سچی بات سکھاتے یہ ہیں Naat in Urdu can be listened, download, read and share to others. Lyrics of Sachi Baat Sikhate Ye Hain are also available on and many other naats with lyrics are also available here. In this Naat Syed Faseehudin Sohrwardi tribute to the Muhammad (SallallahuAlyhiwasallam) for the forgiveness of their sins and wish reward in shape of blessing. This Naat is recorded recorded by Soharvardia naat foundation with soft melodious voice of Syed Faseehudin Sohrwardi.

Sachi Baat Sikhate Ye Hain | Syed Faseehudin Sohrwardi  | Urdu Lyrics & Video

This Urdu naat is exclusively describes the Hazart Muhammed (SWA) is a true teacher of the world who teach us always speak truth and choose the right path. available Without Duff. This Naat  is praised with very soft Without Zikar. Sachi Baat Sikhate Ye Hain is originally recited by Syed Faseehudin Soharwardi and got fame but now it is available in voice of Syed Faseehudin Sohrwardi Januaru 19, 2021.

Sachi Baat Sikhate Ye Hain is Urdu Naat available online with lyrics. A Hamd (Urdu:حمد)  are the words Only in praise of The Allah Almighty, Naat is not Hamd because Hamad is the Exclusive praise of The Allah Almighty (Creator of the World) Who is Only One but a Na`at(Urdu: نعت‎) is a poetry that specifically praises the Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). The practice is popular in Pakistan, England, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and other some muslim countries, Properly in Urdu or Punjabi language. folks that recite Naat or Hamad are called Naat-Khua’an or Sana’a-Khua’an.

Sachi Baat Sikhate Ye Hain lyrics in Roman/English

sachi baat sikhatay ye hain

seedhi raah chalatay ye hain

naz-e-rooh mein aasani dain

kalma yaad dilatay ye hain

marqad mein bandon ko thpak kar

meethi neend sulaatay ye hain

qasr-e-dana tak kis ki rasaai

jaatay ye hain hain aatay ye hain

thanda thanda meetha meetha

peetay hum hain pilaatay ye hain

faiz-e-jaleel khaleel se poocho

aag mein bagh lagatay ye hain

apnay bharam se hum halkon ka

palla bhari banatay ye hain

laakh balayein karoron dushman

kon bachaye bachatay ye hain

apni bani hum aap bigaarein

kon banaye banaatay ye hain

sallim sallim ki dhaaras se

pul se paar lagatey ye hain

maan jab iklotay ko choray

aa aa keh k bulaatay ye hain

un k haath mein har kunji hai

malik-e-kul kehlatay ye hain

keh do raza se khush ho khush reh

muzda raza ka sunaatay ye hain.

Sachi Baat Sikhate Ye Hain lyrics in Urdu/Arabic

سچی بات سکھاتے یہ ہیں

سیدھی راہ چلاتے یہ ہیں

اپنی بنی ھم آپ بگاڑیں

کون بنائے بناتے یہ ہیں

لاکھ بلائیں کروڑوں دشمن

کون بچائے؟ بچاتے یہ ہیں

اپنے بھرم سے ہم ہلکوں کا

پلہ بھاری بناتے یہ ہیں

ٹھنڈا ٹھنڈا میٹھا میٹھا

پیتے ھم ھیں پلاتے یہ ہیں

نزعِ روح میں آسانی دیں

کلمہ یاد دلاتے یہ ہیں

ماں جب اکلوتے کو چھوڑے

لطف وہاں فرماتے یہ ہیں

باپ جہاں بیٹے سے بھاگے

آ آ کہہ کے بلاتے یہ ہیں

اِنّا اعطَنٰک الکوثر۔ ۔ ۔

ساری کثرت پاتےیہ ہیں

رب ہے مُعطی یہ ہیں قاسم

رزق اُسکا ہے کِھلاتے یہ ہیں

کہ دو رضا سے خوش ہوخوش رہ

مژدہ رضا کا سناتے یہ ہیں

Syed Faseehudin Sohrwardi is a very Famousnaat reciter have very peaceful melodious voice touches to the heart of the listeners. Voice of Syed Faseehudin Sohrwardi always appreciated by the listeners. He Recite Hamad, Naat ,kalam and manqabat in different languages. You can listen, download and read lyrics in urdu and english online on this best platform of naats.

Naatvideos is a platform have a lot of Hamad , Naat, Urdu Naat , Punjabi Naat , Arabic Naat and Other Languages by Categories of Naat Khawan/Naat Reciter. Famous Kalam , Nasheed and Manqabat are also available in Video Format with Urdu and Roman/English Lyrics. Additional Feature added in Naatvideos is Submit , Where any user/artist can upload his naat or kalam from his computer/mobile.

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