Beautiful Nasheed Dunya Ke Ay Musafir By NaatVideos | Junaid Jamshaid

5 years ago
dunya ke ay musafir nasheed amazing by baat videos

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Dunya Ke Ae Musafir(دنیا کے اے مسافر) Manzil Teri Qabar ha is the first line of the gratitude nasheed firstly recited by Junaid Jamshed. Dunya ky ay musafir nasheed is famous and known to maximum of the muslim public. The nasheed we have here is recited by a kid with very sweet and amazing voice.  Once someone listen this feels relax in their mind. This is an advise for all from our panel a Message of Allah. The main summary of this nasheed is , You are a passenger in this world  and You Will Have to go back toward The Creator Mean Allah. The Conclusion is,  You are created by clay and you will go back into clay and again you will be stand up in front of Allah for accountability on day Of Qiyamat. Naatvideos have a lot of collection of naats, nasheeds and beautiful kalam.

Dunya Ke Ae Musafir Nazam is Avaiable here in Video Format With Lyrics.

Lyrics of Dunya Ke Ay Musafir

Dunya ke ae musafir Manzil teri qabar hai
Tay kar raha he jo tu Do din ka ye safar he

dunya bani he jab se laakhon karoro aaye
baaqi raha na koi mitti mein sab samaaye
is baat ko na bhulo sab ka yahi hashr he

Dunya ke ae musafir….
aankho se tu ne apni kitne janaaze dekhe
haathow se tu ne apne dafnaaye kitne murday
anjaam se tu apne kyun itna bekhabar he

Dunya ke ae musafir….
makhmal pe sonay waale mitti mein so rahe he
shaaho gada barabar ek saath so rahe he
dono huwe baraaber yahi maut ka asar he

Dunya ke ae musafir….
Ye aali- shaan bunglay kuch kaam ke nahi he
ye oonchi oonchi imaarat kuch kaam ki nahi he
do gaz zameen ka tukra chota sa tera ghar he

دنیا کے اے مسافر

Dunya ke ae musafir….
mitti ke putle tujh ko mitti mein he sumaana
ek din he tu ke aaya ek din he tujh ko jaana
rehna nahi he tujh ko jaari tera safar he Dunya ke ae musafir manzil Teri qabar ha.


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