Naat Mujhy Dar Py phir Bulana by Siddiq Ismail | Naat video & lyrics

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Qari Saddiq Ismail’s Naat Mmujhy Dar Py Phir Bulana. Naat Videos lyrics. مجھےدر پے پھر بلانا

Naat Mujhy Dar Py Phir Bulana is an Urdu naat recited by  Qari Saddiq Ismail in heart touching way. The lyrics of naat are very beautiful impressive which describes the craving of Madina and honor of the Holy Prophrt (P.U.B.H). The reciter requested to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) please call us at your home (Madina) because we want to see the holy places which belongs to you. We pray that May! our coming generations respect, love and praise you. I request to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) please come to my dream because i want to see you and you are the best friend for needy and poor people.

Mujhay Dar Pe Phir Bulana Naat Urdu Lyrics and Video Online

Qari Saddiq Ismail is a great naat khawn of Pakistan and recited many beautiful naats. Qari Saddiq Ismail has won the pride of performance presidential award and Taghma-e-Imitiaz for his naats. He has performed in the presence of presidents, prime ministers, chief ministers and governors . He start reciting naats at the age of 6 but officially he recited naats pervious five decades and still continues. This naat is a master piece naat in his voice.

Mujhy Dar Pay Phir Bulana Naat Lyrics in Roman/English:

Mujhe Dar Py Phir Bulana,

Madani Madine Waly

Meri Aankh Main Samana,

Madani Madine Waly

Banne Dil Tera Thikana

Madani Madine Wale


Mujhe Dar Pe Phir Bulana,

Madani Madine Wale

Maay-e Ishq Be Pilaana,

Madani Madine Wale


Meray Sub Aziz Chootay,

Subhi Yaar Bhi To Roothay,

Meray Sub Aziz Chootay,

Subhi Yaar Bhi To Roothay,

Kahin Tum Na Rooth Jaana,

Kahin Tum Na Rooth Jaana,

Madani Madine Waly


Yeh Mareez Mar Raha Hai,

Tere Hath Mein Shifa Hai,

Ae Tabib Jald Anna,

Ay Tabib Jald Anna,

Madani Madine Waly


Mere Aanay Wali Naslain,

Tere Ishq Hi Main Machlain,

Mere Aanay Wali  naslen

Tery ishaq me hi machlen,

Unhain Naik Tum Banana,

Unhain Naik Tum Banana

 madni madiny waly

Urdu Lyrics Of مجھےدر پے پھر بلانا:

مجھےدر پے پھر بلانا

مئے عشق بھی پلانا مدنی مدینے والے

مری آنکھ میں سمانا مدنی مدینے والے

بنے دل ترا ٹھکانہ مدنی مدینے والے

تری جب کہ دید ہوگی جھبی مری عید ہوگی

مرے خواب میں تم آنا مدنی مدینے والے

مرے سب عزیز چھوٹیں مرے دوست بھی گو روٹھیں
! تم نہ روٹھ جانا مدنی مدینے والے

یہ مریض مر رہا ہے ترے ہاتھ میں شفا ہے

اے طبیب! جلد آنا مدنی مدینے والے

مری آنے والی نسلیں ترے عشق ہی میں مچلیں

انہیں نیک تم بنانا مدنی مدینے والے

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